Tuesday, 26 July, 2011
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As an indexed annuity agent, your business has the best chance of success if you can generate 30 annuity leads per month. Ideally these annuity leads should be generated by your own in house annuity lead generation system such as an indexed annuity radio show or our Asset Finder program. Annuity leads generated by your own efforts may be better than annuity leads that are purchased. GSL Advisory can help you generate these annuity leads.

Once you have discovered how to generate those annuity leads, GSL's automated annuity lead follow-up system is the perfect complement. GSL's system automatically sends follow-up letters, emails and/or voice broadcasts to the annuity leads. The only thing you need to do is to "populate" the online database with each prospects information. Once the info is in the database we have an automated system to follow-up for you at a ridiculously low price. In fact, if you direct callers to your GSL assigned (800) number, then our answering service will "populate" the database for you. GSL already has this system in place.

Finally, if you want your follow-up campaign to be most effective, you'll need strong credibility. Something like a Harvard, MBA or Stanford Law Degree would help. Even better what if you were the creator of your own weekly indexed annuity radio show. GSL also has this system in place. We can get you on the air with your own indexed annuity radio show. And we'll do almost all the work. In fact, you'll never have to write a script, we'll do that for you. Once you are on the air, every letter, email and voice broadcast prominently displays or announces your radio celebrity. You will know be known as Indexed Annuity Agent, star of the Safe Money Retirement Show, KCBS, AM 810.

In short, you need a marketing plan including radio, a complementary annuity lead source (such as our Asset Finder program) and an automated follow-up system. Herewith are all those components.

1) Information about our indexed annuity radio show. Easy for you and powerful.

2) Our Asset finder Program

3) Our annuity leads follow up system.

4) Our securing referrals from existing EIA clients system (follow-up on existing indexed annuity clients).

5) Articles about combining radio, other annuity lead sources and the right follow-up system.

Edwin Lichtig, MBA
Founder, GSL Radio Network
(800) 888-3638